House Clearance Company

House Clearance

We offer a comprehensive range of house clearance services that can help you save time and money. With the quality of our services rendered, you do not have to look much further.

Office Clearance

Office Clearance

For a non-disruptive office clearance service, we are just the right professionals you are looking for. We carry out all aspects of office clearance in a very unobtrusive manner assuring you that everything will be handled accordingly.

Local Rubbish Removal

Any Junk Removal

We can always provide our residential and commercial customers with quality and high standard clearance services any time. We are always available to help you in any way we can and promptly respond to all your needs.

Our Services

We have a team of professional operatives who can efficiently clear you house or office in no time. We provide quick and reliable services on waste management and disposal, rubbish clearance, office clearance and even garden clearance. There are still a lot to mention.

For a better understanding of the wide range of services that we offer, please do give us a call at 02033223181. You can have the chance to talk with our experts and provide you with a quote for free.

Our incomparable services at Top Clearance

No matter how simple or complicated the job that you require may be, all our professionals are very much willing to provide you with services that would give you the exact results that you just wanted. Here are the services that we excellently provide:

  • House Clearance
  • Flat Clearance

All our operatives at Top Clearance are experts when it comes to all aspects of house clearance services. With a wealth of experience and a number of years in existence, no one could ever match the level of quality that our professionals provide.

We will remove all the old items that are not anymore wanted and needed. In a quick and systematic approach, we will clear the entire house efficiently without leaving any unnecessary mess.

We know how much you are busy with your other things that you can no longer provide time to do these all by yourself. That is why we here to help you clear everything in your house for your convenience and complete satisfaction. So for a hassle free house clearance services that could do things even if you are away, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 02033223181 or simply send an email. Our highly trained staffs will promptly answer all your needs.

Office Clearance

We have been in this industry for many years and have earned a good reputation for the exceptional clearance services that we provide most especially to the commercial entities. With our team of trusted professionals, who would ever want to have another company that could be better than us?

At Top Clearance, we provide an array of office clearance services that perfectly suits the needs of every office or business establishment. We are fully insured and licensed. That is why you do not have to worry about anything else because everything will be safe with us.

Doing clearance in the office could be very time consuming. In fact, your daily activities will surely be hurdled if your office staffs will do it for the whole company. In this way, we offer our service to help you achieve your goal as a company without jeopardising your important business transactions. Here are the items that we can remove for you:

  • IT equipment
  • Office furniture removal
  • Fax machines disposal
  • Computers clearance
  • Monitors disposal
  • Printers disposal
  • Monitors removal
  • Copiers clearance service
  • And a lot more

We can also provide you with the following services:

  • Confidential waste clearance and proper disposal
  • Office furniture collection
  • Proper waste management and disposal
  • Rubbish clearance
  • IT equipment clearance and recycling (WEEE disposal)

With the range of services that we offer for your office clearance need, you would surely look no further for another service provider. To arrange for an appointment with our specialists, please do make a call at 02033223181. We would be very happy to be of any service to you.

Garden Clearance

Your garden may not look the way it should be because of the many years it has been abandoned. In the same way, you might as well want to replace it with a much better room or space to maximise the area that you have. We know this could be very difficult for you to do most especially if you have other concerns that are much more important than clearing the garden. That is why, we, at Top Clearance, can provide you with services that could really ease your stress. With our highly trained operatives, you will always have the 100% satisfaction and a complete peace of mind.

Want to make your garden be restored like the way it used to be? Call our experts at 02033223181. We will promptly provide you with the service that you just need for a very affordable rate.

• Rubbish Clearance

At Top Clearance, we guarantee to remove all your stress and worries through our rubbish clearance services. We can ensure that we adhere to all the environmental waste regulations. You will never have to do it yourself when we can do it all for you.

No matter how big the volume is, we can take care of it just for you. Our team of experts will do their very best just to do it discreetly and manage every single mess. We can collect the following for you:

  • Green wastes
  • Refurbishment wastes
  • Soil removal
  • Rubble removal and disposal
  • And many more

Just as long as you let us do this job for you, you will never have the chance to experience any stress and hassle. Contact our staffs now at 02033223181 and discuss with us all your rubbish clearance requirements.

• Skip hire alternative

Hiring a skip is very expensive. Aside from the permits that you have to secure and all other concerns that you have to comply with, you will take the full responsibility of all the things that you remove and you have to spend your time for loading the skip by yourself. There are also items that are prohibited.

So why waste time, effort and money for something that will only give you so much stress? Call our professional operatives at 02033223181 or send us a quote, to do the clearance for you rather than hire a skip.